The most common career paths for a web developer.

Nowadays, the web developer job is one of the most promising jobs and it’s quite easy to understand why this is happening. Now we live in the digital era and there are several human interactions that were human-human interactions and now are mainly digital interactions. Think about how many services are now digital: finance, health, academics, among others. The world is digital and millions of developers are responsible to provide those online services to all of us. Some of these services are complex web applications, complex systems that require complex infrastructures and architectures to ensure the quality of the service provided to the end-user. There are several aspects companies have to take into account during the development of these services, such as:

Is the application useful and appealing for the user?

Do the users have a great user experience using it?

Could the user access the application on a mobile device? Tablet? TV? 

Is it secure?

Can the provider of the app guarantee the security of user’s data?

Does it have proper performance?

Could the application handle millions of users using the system at the same time?

So many questions, metrics, concerns a software company have to take into account when develops a web application. And there are several other metrics that could affect both the end-user – the person who will use the application and other stakeholders, such as, the developers, the customer and the software company itself. Software development is a complex world and that’s the reason why this field is always looking for more people, new ideas, new technologies, new methodologies, and new opportunities to provide the best solutions for the world’s needs.

Over the years the web development has changed, new technologies came up, and both companies and developers have to adapt their own strategies according to those changes. For instance, a couple of years ago we faced the mobile boom. Dozens of web applications were released every day. At that time, new companies were launched focusing their work essentially on mobile APP development. From a developer perspective, the great thing to do at that time was mobile development (iOS and Android). That led to the creation of news job roles: mobile developer, iOS developer, and android developer. At the same time, users required to access websites and web applications in mobile devices. So, companies had to adjust their strategy and provide responsive web applications – applications that could adjust their layout, appearance, data organization, etc, in order to adjust to a mobile context.

This brief context helps to explain why the IT world needs so many web developers; why companies are struggling to hire new developers and why the web developer career has a couple of different paths that focus on different concerns and fields of the web applications world. During the next couple of days, we’re going to describe the most common web developer career paths you can go through during your career as a software developer.

We’d like to emphasize the following statement: the software development sector is a complex sector with several challenges. But each of these challenges represents several employment opportunities in multiple different paths. So you can choose the best path for you and you are going to have a career full of opportunities in this amazing sector. Although this complexity, it’s quite easy to become a web developer. You really don’t need an academic degree. Following an intensive study plan, you can get a job in less than a year.

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