#2 Backend developer - for those who like to be behind the scenes

This post is the second of a set of 4 episodes where we are going to talk about the most common career paths of Web Development. We’re going to describe what is a backend developer identifying:

A common challenge a backend developer has to solve;

Some technologies they could work on;

The average salary;

The first steps to become a web developer.

The challenge - Save the data a user filled in a web form

So a common interaction between a user and a web application is the signup form. The user provides all the necessary input data to register it in the application. That data needs to be persisted in the database so that the user could sign in the application.

In the diagram below you can see the workflow and in the orange box is the module the backend developer will work on. He needs to get the data sent from the browser, validate that data, persist in the database and sends a response back to the user.

Technologies - No you don’t need to know all of them

Below you can find a set of common technologies backend developers usually know. Of course, you don’t need to know all of them. You will start with a small set of technologies and you will be ready to work with all of them after some training. For instance, if you start with us you will start with Javascript and Node.JS.

Java and Spring


Javascript and Node.JS



PHP and Laravel




What is the average junior backend developer salary?

According to Glassdoor, the average front end developer salary globally is 89k$ per year.

Obviously, this depends on the country where you live, the company where you will work, the type of projects you will work with, and so on. But actually, in this world, you would have the opportunity to develop your own path. You would be able to choose between multiple companies, types of projects, remote working vs office working, among so many other factors.

How can I start?

Follow this checklist and you will be ready to get a job as a backend developer in less than 3 months.

Check our Study Guide

Identify online courses, videos, and articles for each topic of the study guide

Follow the guide using the resources you have identified

So for each section, it’s important that you search for related resources on the internet. Google might be your best friend! However, if you find it too difficult to find the appropriate resources for each section, we can help you. We developed a boot camp where you will find the best free resources for each section we do recommend you to follow. So our boot camp is a way you tackle this issue and reduce the time you need to complete this study guide.

How much time do I need to become a junior backend developer?

How much effort it will require? Based on our research and estimates you can become a well-paid junior backend developer in less than 3 months. Hard work, focus, and well-planned study guide are mandatory. But the outcomes will be amazing.

Now, you already have a big picture of what you have to learn to become a backend developer and to get an amazing opportunity to change your professional career. But we can help you more with this.

We provide you a completely free and well-planned study guide you can follow to become a web developer . You only have to click the button below.