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About Us

About Us

We are highly-skilled software engineers who want more than simply develop some code. We want to contribute with new ideas for a better world. We want to provide solutions for some of the biggest problems people face every day.

Our history, our vision and our mission

Our story, as all good stories, started with a extravagant idea – use our skills to change the world. Yes, it could be an absurd thinking that someone could save the world. But we believe if each person in this world contributes with small changes then we’ll certainly have a better world. And we can use our main skills to achieve that. This was what we did and we’ve called it as Mob + wiser – Mobilize people in a wiser way; create a community full of good causes and thoughts.

Unfortunately, there are lots of opportunities to improve our world and in some of them, we can have such a good impact because we have some skills for that. In our cause, we are world-class software engineers that want to use our skills to create innovative humanitarian solutions and also innovative business solutions that could have an impact on important social areas.

Mobwiser was born based on that premise. And two colleagues and friends decided to join forces to work based on that premise.

This is our mission – use software to make changes in several social areas in order to improve our world. And we can see a bright future if we were able to mobilize people around the world to contribute to that change. Imagine a life where everyone has the right tools to allow them to help other people, to participate in humanitarian events, to learn new skills that will allow them to change their life. This is our mission – provide those tools and mobilize all around the world to contribute to those tools.

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