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Free Web Development Bootcamp

Free Web Development Bootcamp

Learn how to build Professional Websites. Web Development is a sector that grows much faster than the average for all occupations.

Why Web Development?

  • No Degree needed
  • Great Salaries
  • Work anywhere!
  • Challenging Career
  • The job market is full of opportunities

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What's inside?

  1. Join Mobwiser Community

    Meet your FREE mentor!

  2. Web Development Tools

    Plus Git & Github

  3. HTML5 & CSS3

    Build your first Webpage

  4. Javascript

    Add some animations

  5. Technical Interview

    Preparation for the job market

  6. Get your micro-certification!

    Well Done!


Join our global community and you’ll receive instant access to our Free Bootcamp that will give you all the insights about how to create your first webpage. Be the first to get free access to the most useful resources to change your career all year round!

About Us

We are a team of experienced Software Engineers with one mission – use software to make changes in several social areas in order to improve our world. And we can see a bright future if we were able to mobilize people around the world to contribute to that change.



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