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7 reasons why you should become a web developer


Nowadays, web development is one of the most well-paid fields in the IT industry. Compared to other jobs, a web developer’s salary is considerably high and is placed between the highest salaries in the world. In this chart, you can see the web developer average annual salary by country. If you compare those salaries with some other average salaries for other similar jobs you will confirm the web developer is one of the most well-paid jobs at this moment. And the trends point a bright shine future for web developers. Subscribe our ebook to know more.

Web Developer Wages 2018-2020


It’s true! You don’t need a conventional academic degree to become a web developer. You simply need to focus one hundred percent on developing some technical skills and you’ll start working as a web developer sooner than you think.



There are lots of opportunities in the web development field. You can choose different career paths and, actually, you can easily move from a path to another.



Developers are known as problem solvers. Our work consists in finding solutions for specific problems. Every day you will have a different problem you will have to solve.



In this field you can have a massive impact on the world. Based on our experience, there are lots of opportunities out there that allow you to develop applications that can be used by thousands or millions of users. Your work can simplify the lives of millions of people.



This field has probably one of the greatest online communities in the world: millions of developers share their knowledge, learn from each other and contribute with some work that simplifies the daily work of other developers. It’s amazing how the open-source community works.



The future is digital and that’s the reason why we are certain there won’t be unemployment concerns for this professionals. The web development field has a bright future ahead.

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A really great Mentor. Helped me tremendous!!! I cannot thank him enough!!! Highly recommend!!!Fernando - Jun, 2019

Great mentor, was a pleasure to work with.Max - Aug, 2019

Paixão is an awesome mentor. He's organized and instructive. He created a clear and realistic road map to help me with my goals and side projects. He's also really experienced in react and some other technologies as well. With his help, I find it easier and faster to progress in coding and web development skills. all in all, he's super helpful. Highly recommended 🙂Vi Tieu, Jan 2020

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