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Section de bienvenue

Section de bienvenue

Effort: 4 hours

Welcome to Mobwiser IT Academy!

We have 10+ years of professional experience developing enterprise-level software and create all the contents based on our experience and beliefs. We use awesome external and free content that people made for the community! Our Bootcamp is not a computer science course. We are not a school and our mentors and content creators are not teachers.

How our Bootcamp works?

  1. Our Bootcamp is organized into sections. Those sections are the technologies, languages, and concepts you have to learn to build websites
  2. During the Bootcamp, you will create a single APP challenge, a professional-like application that will allow you to get a professional-like experience and create a portfolio by the end of the Bootcamp
  3. By the end of each section, you will have to include a new feature into your APP challenge, based on the most recent skills you got!

Our private community groups

Use our community groups. There you will be able to talk with our students and mentors. Share your questions and together we will find the answers.


Facebook private group

Start your journey now!

We want you to create now a Linkedin account. The reason we want you to do that now is that during the Bootcamp we will ask you to add both the skills you are learning to Linkedin and the projects you are working on.

When you start creating your Linkedin profile please don’t forget the following topics:

  • Professional profile photo
  • Add a current job profile – “Student at Mobwiser” – Use our Linkedin company
  • Turn on “Let recruiters know you’re looking at opportunities”
  • Add a brief description of you and your ambitions
  • Add your academic background

Share your journey!

A good way to keep your focus and motivation is to share this experience with the world. For example, you can use your Instagram and Facebook accounts to share your learning process, the amazing projects you will develop and don’t forget to follow your social networks and to mention us at your posts 🙂



Tips to improve your experience during the Bootcamp

  • Follow the exact order we suggest in the Bootcamp
  • If you have any questions ask us in our private community groups.
  • Do not forget to update your Linkedin account. We will ask you to do that every time you learn a new skill.
  • Work on the challenge application as if it was your own professional product. You should be able to use this project