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Do you want to become an IT professional?
Are you finishing your graduation as a software engineer and you want to know the right career path based on your social profile and your professional ambitions?
Do you want to improve your skills as a software developer/engineer?
Do you want to provide IT training sessions in your organization?

We have an amazing challenge for you! Even you know nothing about software development.

We make a lot of research on software career paths, software trends, IT needs, etc… and we want to solve one of the biggest problems in the IT industry.
Do you know the IT industry has probably a major shortage of skilled professionals? The Mobwiser IT Academy aims to help to solve this specific problem.

We want to help you to achieve the right skills and to get hired by software companies that fit well with your professional and social profile.
We want to help you to find the best IT professionals for your company and help you to manage those resources inside your organization.